About Us.

3C interiors provide world-class interior design services for property developers and private clients across London and the South-West.

Our business began with something simple – a great passion for Italian design.

From this beginning, we have grown over the years to become experts in our field. We have now amassed extensive experience in both Residential and Commercial settings.

For us, your experience is key. We pride ourselves on providing a highly personalised service to each client, from initial conception to final sign-off. Our in-house designers are specialists in bespoke design and will work with you to bring your interior design ideas to life, tailoring beautiful Italian style to your individual requirements.

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What We Can Do For You.

Private Client.

Our designers relish working alongside our private clients to turn their aspirations into reality. We understand how important and personal a client's home is and, as such, when you embark on an interior design journey with 3C interiors, you embark on a collaborative process where your needs are always our priority. We take your desires and shape them with our skills and expertise. 

Property Development.

Here at 3C interiors, we have extensive experience in creating aspirational spaces that will inspire your potential buyers. We work alongside property developers to capture the imagination of homebuyers. Property buyers invest not just in spaces but in the potential lifestyle a home can provide. 3C interiors are here to work alongside you to create and market that lifestyle to your clients. 


Careful interior design can impact greatly on your business. The way we live and work is affected deeply by the environments in which we spend our time. As such, investing in your commercial environment can see significant returns by energising your customers and aiding communication between your staff. At 3C interiors, we provide a touch of our luxury styling and combine it with a considered approach to your commercial needs. 

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